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Namtar-demon vs. headaches

(HS 1588+1596)

In heaven the wind blows,
on earth the mice proliferate,
and Namtar inflicts headache.
In men's bodies is found beer, and south winds blows sag-duru on the (alluvial) land.
In the mountains, the south (wind) blows the scattered seed.
He (the patient) put his trust into (divine) standard.
Therefore, the gods of heaven were afraid, they came down from (lit. 'in') heaven,
the gods of earth were afraid, and were standing around the grave,
the great gods themselves mad (funerary) offerings.
The fish in the river were afraid, and left their habitat,
the birds in the heaven were afraid, and smashed into the base of the mountains.
The undomesticated animals, creatures of the steppe and wild animals suffered
     from catalepsys [a disease of domestic animals].
Šakan was afraid and retired to the horizon,
Nanna was afraid, and retired to the height of heaven.
Asalluhi came to his father Enki
and he said,
'My son, what don't you know? What can be added to it?'
The god reconciled the sick man towards the steppe.
Purify ... [in a pure] place,
take ... of the pen and sheepfold which is not abandoned,
choose a ... lamb,
choose ... a black? goat.



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