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Amar-Suen's Headache

(HS 2438, Ni 2187)

The headache(-demon) is directed towards the man,
the headache-demon is set to distress the neck muscles.
There is no small opening which can ensnare the galla-demon,
no binding can be tied on the headache(-demon).
It is the young lad who is seized by the headache-demon,
it is the young maiden whose diseased neck twitches. Asalluhi sent someone to his father Enki,
(saying), say to my father:
The headache(-demon) [is directed toward the man],
[it is set to] distress [the neck muscles].'
[Enki answered] his son,
'My son, what do you not know?'
'Why..., what can save him?'
(After) you have brought the purifying water,
and you have pourd fat of a pure cow,
then let one rub (him) with that oil.'
Asalluhi son of Enki
May the headache-demon 'split the river bank' on (the patient's) cranium,
may (the demon) break up like a pot.
It is the incantation of Nin-girimma.
It is the spell of Eridu, shrine of Enki.



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"sag-gig" = sumerisk for "hovedpine"
  HS 2438