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Tertiary syphilitic ulceration of the scalp [en]

tirsdag den 3. december 2013
Tertiary syphilitic ulceration of the scalp Tertiary syphilitic ulceration of the scalp

Black and white photographs of the head of a man aged 39 years, who had contracted syphilis 12 years previously. Photographs shows a view of the patient's head showing the tertiary syphilitic ulceration of the scalp. 15 Mar 1894

Credit: St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives & Museum, Wellcome Images

Via thechirurgeonsapprentice

The Persevering Surgeon [da]

tirsdag den 26. marts 2013

Thomas Rowlandson (1756–1827): The Persevering Surgeon

The notion that the anatomist/surgeon never gives up is presented in Rowlandson’s drawing The Perserving Surgeon. Here the practioner is dissecting a female cadaver. His lascivious expression and raised phallic scalpel whilst thus ‘ravishing’ the body in his possesion again expresses prevalent ideas as to the activities of these gentlemen. Rowlandson cannot be absolved from the accusation of using such naked female bodies for the purpose of voyeurism and, in some instances, for pornography. The articulated human and animal skeletons, bottles of specimens, and tub for entrails in this print complete the recognisable venue.

Source: Fiona Haslam: From Hogarth to Rowlandson: Medicine in Art in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Liverpool University Press, 1996)