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No Money and In Pain, Chinese Man Saws Off Own Leg at Home [en]

fredag den 11. oktober 2013

A metal saw, a small fruit knife, and a back-scratcher wrapped with a towel. 47-year-old Zheng Yanliang used these three simple tools and sawed off his entire right leg, which was suffering some strange ailment, at home on his bed. He bit off four molars enduring the pain. Today, the same strange ailment spreads pitilessly on his left leg. Zheng Yanliang hopes that kind-hearted people can give help, cure the strange disease that torments him, and provide him with a prosthetic limb so that he can once again support his wife and daughter.

Read the whole story here

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søndag den 17. marts 2013

Chinese man keeps himself alive for 13 years with HOMEMADE dialysis machine

Three times a week, Hu Songwen sits on a small toilet in his home in a rural east China town and fires up his homemade dialysis machine.

Hu, who suffers from kidney disease, made it from kitchen utensils and old medical instruments after he could no long afford hospital fees.

‘The cost for each home treatment is only 60 yuan (£6), which is 12 per cent of the hospital charge for dialysis,’ Hu said.

Via Jay Parkinson

Street dentists in India, China and Pakistan [da]

lørdag den 24. november 2012

Street dentistry is the unlicensed practice of dentistry in the street, usually for people who are unable to afford licensed dental care.

In India, street services are plentiful, with dentists operating alongside other street services, such as apothecaries, repairmen, and barbers. These practitioners charge far less than licensed dentists, often charging as little as 125 rupees for a procedure such as a bridge—which, at a licensed dentist, could be as expensive as 10,000 rupees. Many learn the trade from their parents.

In India, Chapter V, Section 49 of the Dentist Act of 1948 requires dentists, dental mechanics, and dental hygienists to be licensed, making street dentistry illegal, though street dentists continue to practice.

Street Dentists of India [da]

onsdag den 7. november 2012

“I don’t find this job difficult at all because I’ve done a lot of technical work - I even repaired bicycles. I know how to work a file, pliers and all possible tools.”

- Pushkar Sing a.k.a. “Doc-Junior”


lørdag den 27. oktober 2012

A great photo of a street dentist with all his equipment in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, 2011.

Street dentists practice dentistry on people who can’t afford to go to the dental clinics. The circular pile of teeth is there as a proof of his kills/success/experience.